Campanile…Spring Summer 2010

For five generations, Campanile, the leader in handcrafted shoes, is showing creations inspired by his conscious mix of tradition and avant-garde.
Expert and highly specialized hands are trusted to stitch and dye the leather.
Each season, unpretentious and classic models from the timeless line are reintroduced or reinvented. Seasonally, along with the traditional styles, new models, characterized by special detailing or rare leathers, are shown.
This season, hand dyed calf leather in shades of brown, burgundy, and walnut takes on a touch of vintage.
Finding the balance between manual ability and attention to detail, makes Campanile shoes a special, unique and inimitable product. Child of Neapolitan elegance.
Campanile shoes speak to cultured, intelligent men who can better face and foresee the professional world in constant evolution. A man, who by nature, smiles while he learns.


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