Emma Watson has an "adventurous" side to her style.

The ‘Harry Potter’ actress has teamed up with designer Alberta Ferretti for new eco-clothing line All Pure Threads and believes the collection reflects her own personal style.

She said: "My style’s definitely evolved. I usually go for classic, simple things, but then I have this adventurous side.

"I’m always thinking and experimenting, and I make conscious decisions to try and support new talent and ethical fashion."

Emma loves designing her own collection because she enjoys being in control, and also sees it as another outlet for her creativity.

She told Britain’s InStyle magazine: "I love having control. My job as an actress is to bring to life another person’s vision, but with clothes, I can express my own creativity.

"And I wanted to be able to buy fashion knowing it’s not harming the person who made it or the environment.

"I’ve always been involved in art and I love fashion – it’s just something I really enjoy."

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