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Offbeat Wall Décor Ideas for Small Spaces and Apartments

Small houses, apartments, and bedrooms are cozy and wonderful. However, small places are also very challenging when it comes to decorating..

Small houses, apartments, and bedrooms are cozy and wonderful. However, small places are also very challenging when it comes to decorating them according to our vision. Due to limited space and choices, there’s not much we can do to uplift the look of the house.

However, this does not mean that you cannot get creative with thedecorationfor a small space. A tiny apartment might not have much space to beautify, but it is the wall décor where you can show your bestskills. There aremanypossibilities for bringing in tiny details.

Here are some brilliant offbeat wall décor ideas for small spaces and apartments to give a try!

Large-scale art

The walls of the small room shall not give too much space to fill up with large paintings, but one piece that makes a statement can be an ideal choice. Large-scale art that almost covers up 75% of the suitable space is a beautiful solution to enhance the look of the room. Be it the space above the sofa or the bed, a large piece of art(painting or picture) can be the solution you are seeking for. Choose to invest in a good picture that is worth putting up on the wall. The wall décor should reflect your living style, and the art piece you choosewill be the source ofinspiration for you.

Fabric canvas

Fabric canvas can be one of the simpler things to try when it comes to giving your small apartment a cozy look. It is also inexpensive and totally worth the choice. Just get some fabric with a really interesting pattern you would like to hang up on the wall. Get three similar fabric styles and get each one framed. Use the frames of the same size and structure. Put them up on the wall alongside each other to create the best effect (don’t forget to leave 2 or more inches of space between the pieces). The fabric canvas adds in the much-needed attention.

Mirrors all the way

One of the brightest aspects of making small space décor work is by adding in a lot of mirrors. Mirrors reflect the light and create the illusion of a larger space. Therefore, choosing to put up a single large mirror on the wall can be a great idea to make a small space look larger than it is. For a more artistic look, you can get mirrors of different sizes and shapes framed and put them up on a wall. The wall should be covered with multiple mirror frames to create the best effect. Note that this trick works on a rectangular wall.

Doodle the wall

Doodles define the new age of wallart. The sketch inspired bythe regular everyday things tells its own story and makes a wall interesting. Doodling can be afascinating way to add some depth to a wall and give it a story. The doodles can be done on small and giant spaces, sothis idea can be brilliant for people with small apartments. Pick up your favorite items and draw them on the wall. Doodling on the wall turnsitinto a reflection of your life while speaking it all through the art. These make the smallest of walls interesting without you having to invest a lot on wall decoration.


Designer plates have been in the interior design arena since ages now. However, this age-old formula still works in making a house look vintage and bright. The fact that these plates are perfect for wall décor cannot be denied. Use the plates to make a pattern on the wall. You can choose even the smallest wall spaces and put up just a few plates to create an impression. What is important is to create a contrast effect on the wall. Just go about selecting plates of the colors contrastingto that of the wall paint. Select some plates that inspire you with their color and design. They will bring beautiful details to your house.

Storage space on the wall

Creating the storage space on the wall can be a trick. A lot of small apartments have some spaces which can be used to create shelves. These spaces go deep into the wall and make a perfectplace for keeping books, vases, picture frames, etc. Make use of these spaces to decorate the wall and bring in details. You can also add in some cabinets to create the storage space and put in your things while making the wall décor look exquisite.


Modern wallpapers can give the walls some artistic feel. Even wallpapers with a simple theme can bring in many colors to a house. It is an inexpensiveand beautiful solution that suits the spaces of all kinds. The new-age wallpapers have 3D effects, textural art prints, and even real-life inspired graphics to bring to your house. Wallpapers create a unique environment that best suits the spaces like the living room and dining area. Put up the wallpapers of your choice on the walls to go minimal and still enhance the place you are living in. Floral prints, birds, rainbows, etc. are some of the popular wallpaper designs.

Use Wallpics

Wallpics.com is an entirely new trend in decorative wall design ideas. These are stick-on photo tiles that can be easily mounted on the walls. To print the Wallpics, you need to download Wallpicsapp and upload your selected pictures on it. Your beautiful photo tiles will be delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Small apartments are the toughest spaces to create an impressive wall décor. However, once you decided with your wall décor – there isn’t anything you need to worry about. The inspiring wall décor gives the depth to the interior and can make you feel like the world rests at your house!


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