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AMINAKA WILMONT opens the doors of interpretation and playfulness

’PSYCHE’ takes the individual on a journey into the world of dreams and fantasy. Escaping reality and the notion of the present, the sixth on schedule collection by AMINAKA WILMONT opens the doors of interpretation and playfulness.

Cascading crepe de chine delicately wraps and twists unpredictably, falling and turning to reveal the soft pastel colour palette. Bold textures and structures punctuate the ethereal silhouette with unexpected bursts of monochrome further embracing the dream thematic.

Marcus Wilmont, Creative Director at AMINAKA WILMONT says, ”It is by far our boldest and most diverse collection and we are really excited to see everyone’s reaction. Our aim is to surprise and delight by embracing fantasy but at the same time staying true to the AMINAKA WILMONT aesthetic.”

Celestial meets infernal in the world of ’PSYCHE’ with inspiration from the work of illustrator Dave McKean and creative writer Neil Gaiman, the collection delves into surrealism producing a fusion of delicate playful fabrics and strong silouhettes.

The Fever Ray backdrop provides the cinematic platform for the explosion of butterflies that fill the room and adorn the collection in surprising ways. Embodying the hallucinatory quality of dreams AMINAKA WILMONT invites the individual to escape reality and succumb to fantasy.


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