A success story based on multi-work, dream …

Francesca Giobbi…A success story based on multi-work, dream and inspiration…

The story…When Francesca Giobbi was 18 years old she left home to live in Italy where she got her degree in Architecture at the European Institute of Design. She was in Milan for 10 years and there she started her story with the shoes. She left her sets of rulers for the world of fashion when she went on to work for the Versace Home Collection.

Her close look on shoes took her to the international woman shoe sales department for the label. It didn’t take long until she became part of the staff for the labels: Miu Miu, Gucci, Jil Sander, Armani, Dona Karan and finally for the shoe designer Sergio Rossi, her great mentor. Francesca learned Italian design technique with Sergio Rossi and her passion for shoes took off.

Back to Brazil in the year 2000 with an incomparable résumé, Francesca worked as a consultant for shoe manufacturers where she was able to learn more about the market. In the first few months of 2003, the young designer created her shoe line and the label with her name. “I had acquired the know-how for distribution, export – and I wanted to make a luxury product, so I decided to follow my old dream of making shoes” – highlights Francesca.

The start…

Success came a long with her first collection and, in no time, her creations became objects of desire. “I designed and produced five pairs of shoes. A friend had a bazaar going and invited me to show my shoes there. I sold 103 pairs in a single day. Then, there was no coming back. I went after a supplier and here I am”, she recalls.

In 2003, she opened her first store carrying the proposition of creating an ambiance which could show that her shoes are true luxury items. And with that same approach, she gets to the Iguatemi Shopping Mall in the city of São Paulo with project signed by architects Fábio Storrer and Veridiana Tamburus.

In less than one year, her label was recognized as the first international shoe label to get into the luxurious Italian market. With creative design, strong colors and sensual cuts, Francesca Giobbi has her talent recognized and has been in world famous fashion magazines together with major international labels. “My shoes are upbeat and above all are comfortable, made for the contemporary woman – women who work but wish to have a beautiful shoe that is both fun and sensual.” – describes the designer who designs each shoe, one by one.

The growth…             

In May 2005, Francesca opened her own factory in Sapiranga in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and today employs 80 people and exports around 25% of the monthly production. One of her explanations for having grown in the international market is the professionals available. “There is no country with professionals for luxury shoes as in Brazil. Just to have an idea, we take 8 hours to craft one single pair…there is no such thing abroad” -explains Francesca.


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